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Because together we can prevent difficult situations before they become overwhelming, we can alleviate the psycho-emotional or behavioral problems you are facing at any given time, or we can focus on self-discovery and personal development when you wish to gain new insights about yourself and your life.

psiholog Bucuresti

Individual and couples psychotherapy sessions

70-125 EUR / 1h

Come as you are! This is about you!

In the individual therapy sessions, you and I will be a team focused on you getting better. You have the opportunity during the session to share the challenges that you are struggling with, your plans for the future or the difficult memories you have, all in a safe, confidential and, above all, welcoming setting where you are invited to come just as you are. Together we will find solutions to the circumstances you are facing, so that you feel better, fulfilled and more confident.

We won’t be doing any magic, but through expressing your thoughts and emotions, we will identify the skills and resources to cope, so that you become and remain equipped for whatever life brings your way. You will learn the benefits of a support network, you will get to know and understand yourself better, you will gain the ability to manage your emotions and to identify the triggers to your distress, you will transform the existing defense mechanisms into personal coping strategies and thus, you will truly enjoy being the artisan of your own life!

The couples therapy sessions are attended by both partners in a constructive and clarifying dialogue with the therapist. There are many occasions in which you can benefit from a couples therapy session. The focus of such a session is the relationship, whether you want to improve it, understand it better, or part ways.

In my practice you will enjoy neutrality and objectivity. My role will not be that of an advocate for any party, but we will try together to clarify the situation you are in, the reasons why you came in therapy, your desires and your expectations, the patterns in love and intimacy. All this aims to find and maintain your well-being and to improve the communication between you two.

A little bit about us

Simona Constantin

Psiholog, Psihoterapeut, Fondator Centrul Psihoplan

Hi, I’m Simona. I am a certified psychologist and specialized psychotherapist. My private practice is in Bucharest and I’m also conducting therapy sessions on multiple platforms online.

I’ve been working for almost 20 years in worldwide, multinational organizations as a legal advisor. This and having graduated with an MBA at the City University of Seattle were my first multicultural exposures. Along the way I’ve been dedicated to the discovery and development of self. My self! Therefore, the formal studies in the psychology field and the mentorship programs with professionals from around the world came naturally. Opening the private practice several years ago and actively collaborating with health clinics and publications keeps me on the chosen track – to pursue my passion and understand the human nature with every chance that I get!

I’m enjoying my 40s spending time with my family, going outdoors in the weekends, painting emotions and writing thoughts.

About the human being, I think we can endure a lot, whether we have to or not. I know that we have the ability to stand up, on our own two feet and to continue the journey with our own resources, once hidden in our life backpack. In the right context, this inner strength can be discovered and put to work to reach the desired wellbeing. I believe we know our own suffering best and that somewhere, in our being, lie the keys to free us from sorrow and to cope with reality, as it is! Sometimes, a good therapist can be of great help on this road.

In my private practice I’m working with adults in individual or couple therapy/counselling sessions. My area of expertise covers stress management, anxiety concerns, adapting to change (also inclusion into the Romanian culture), life transitions, workplace challenges, typical parenting themes, anger management, divorce, intimacy and communication dynamics, relationship and marriage counselling. My therapeutic approach is based on Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Jungian Psychoanalysis, Reflexive and Positive Parenting, Gottman Method, Narrative Therapy and Art Therapy.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Andrea Ivascu

Terapeut, Coach

My name is Andrea Ivascu and I have always wanted to better understand human nature. For this I went to schools, trainings, courses, workshops and read a lot of books and they all brought something to the puzzle of what makes us who we are. Eventually, it was the deep conversations with wise people, wonderful men and women who have been my mentors, inspiration or clients, that made the whole picture come together.

We cannot be something fixed or clearly defined. Vulnerability, self-acceptance, the courage to live authentically, to make our voices heard and the courage to say „no”, but also the courage to say „yes” despite fear, make us stronger, and give us the opportunity to explore our nuances as men and women.

Through my work I guide you, my client, to better know and understand yourself, gain
self-confidence, build self-respect and learn how to set healthy boundaries, but also to honor your own needs and limits. I accompany you from an inner space where personal and professional experience intertwine and together we learn to identify and access inner resources, set realistic goals and plan how to achieve them.

Come as you are, whether grieving after a relationship or job, feeling lost, confused or alone, distraught, mourning after the death of a loved one, or just seeking for answers as what makes you act and react the way you do. I will hold space for your suffering no matter how great or small, I will not judge whatever it is that you feel or say.

Because no man is an island and there is nothing wrong with wanting, asking and getting the help we all need from time to time.

If you are seeking help with your relationship, in couples therapy I invite you to open your hearts to each other in a safe, nonjudgmental space where your conflicts can make sense and can then draw creative solutions. Together you will learn to better identify your needs and express them in a way that the other one can understand. Because healthy communication means openness to listening to the other with empathy and it is very important to learn this secret language of love. It’s also important to remember that playing, laughing together, and giving each other time and attention strengthens and refreshes your relationship as a couple.

Psiholog Simona Constantin

Telefon: 0726 622 356

Sunt Simona Constantin. Dacă ai întreba despre mine câteva persoane din jurul meu, ți-ar spune probabil că sunt un om energic, ordonat, curios, auto-motivat și…ocupat. Recunosc, nu aș putea să-i contrazic.
Bucuresti | Romania | 0726 622 356 |
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